New reserved parking spots for veterans

Published: Jan. 5, 2020 at 8:50 PM EST
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While visiting the Morgantown Mall, you may notice that some of it's parking spaces have been reserved.

The parking spaces are being called, "superhero parking" and are reserved for veterans, active duty members, and

first respondents.

Mall management was unable to give any comment as to why this new trend has begun.

However, WDTV caught up with Jon Burd, a local Military Veteran for the US Marine Corps. who says it's nice to be recognized and that he's also seen the parking signs at Lowes stores.

"We definitely appreciate Morgantown Mall and Lowes, for recognizing us and our military service and even, i'ts even generous of them to put them up here next to the handicapped parking spots just because we don't get that luxury anywhere else around here."