New scam involving Google business numbers

(CBS) -- When Courtney Pearsons washing machine gave her an error message, a friend told her to call Al's Guaranteed Appliance Repair.

"He actually talked me through things and we fixed it that way," Pearsons said.

When the washer broke 8 months later..

"I typed 'al's guaranteed appliance repair' into google and right there was his information and the number."

The next day, these two guys showed up.

"They start bringing in shop vacs and buckets and I thought 'OK..these two guys have it handled.'"

An hour later. they said they replaced a valve and charged her $420.

"I told my husband, and he was shocked too and he said, "We could have bought a new machine."

She wrote a check, they left and she tried to do some laundry.

"I said "Guys, please come back..There is no water." They had done absolutely nothing to my machine but within an hour, they had gone and cashed the check and it posted to my account."

They never returned and blocked Courtney's number. She looked up Al's Gauranteed Appliance again.
This time she got the number from yelp.

"He had no idea what I was talking about."

"I told her, this week I haven't had any work, it couldn't have been me," said Al de la Cerda.

"It started to dawn on me the guys that came out here had no affiliation," Courtney says.

Al de la Cerda -the real Al- said someone else put their number on his google listing.

"I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs, not getting calls and someone changed the number on my site," he says.

We called Rafael, the man who came to Courtney's house. He said he didn't edit the google listing.

CBS' Cristin Severance: "Rafael, you have to see how this does not look good..if you are an appliance repairman, and then the number is changed on google. You're saying you didn't do it. Who would change it to another repair man's number?"
Rafael: "I have no idea, I hired a company that does telemarketing. I don't know."
Cristin: "So, you are going to pay Courtney back?"
Rafael: 'Yes, yes I will."

Rafael did give Courtney her money back, and Al came to her house and repaired her machine.

We contacted Google. The company wouldn't address this case directly but in a statement said: Merchants who manage their business listing info through Google My Business, are notified via email when edits are suggested