New study shows West Virginia is the most obese state in America

Tony Alter / CC BY 2.0 / MGN
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(WDTV,KKTV) A study titled "The Most Obese States in America" found West Virginia is the most obese state in the United States.

The complications associated with obesity are tragic and expensive and they have a direct effect on all consumers in a number of ways," Michael Bennet, a contributor to Consumer Protect, wrote. "Excess weight relative to one’s height is medically linked with early death, heart disease, diabetes, and practically all maladies. Across pretty much all cultures across the globe, obesity is associated with early death." released the study on Tuesday after analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The study examined obesity, exercise and healthy eating habits. The study pulls numbers from the year 2017.

At number one on the list West Virginia, with about 38.1 percent of adults being considered obese. Colorado was the least obese and only has 22.6 percent of adults who are considered obese.

According to, obesity is a rapidly growing epidemic. The national average states 30.1 percent of adults are obese. The website goes on to state a person is obese when their Body Mass Indicator is more than 30.