New technology to treat breast cancer

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 6:05 PM EDT
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There are many different types of breast cancer and therefore many different types of treatment.

Breast surgeon Dr. Preeti Subhedar from the Emory Winship cancer institute says breast cancer is not a death sentence and explains some new technology being used to diagnose.

"There is definitely not a one size fits all treatment for breast cancer. It really depends on the type of breast cancer you have, in terms of the receptor status, how you present, and what additional treatments you're going to have. It used to just be surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, we're now moving into genomic testing driving our treatment decisions," says Subhedar.

3D mammograms are also available in some centers.

"We use 3D mammograms here at Winship for all of our screeners. It's better than a 2D mammogram because the picture quality is better."

Breast imagining radiologist, Dr. Anna Holbrook says 3d mammograms also help cut down on false, positives, in which a test result can incorrectly indicate breast cancer.

"False positives scare women. They think they have cancer and they really don't. So they have to go through several days or weeks or worry that's not necessary," Holbrook says.