New traffic patterns aim to alleviate traffic headaches in front of Johnson Elementary School

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Traffic is calm now in front of Johnson Elementary School in Bridgeport.

The new traffic pattern for parents dropping off students at Johnson Elementary School.

In two weeks, that won't be the case.

School starts back up here on August 26. Officials hope new traffic patterns will help make the drop-off process smoother and prevent extended traffic back-ups.

The site of the former Johnson Elementary is now a parking lot.

It's not only a key addition for staff and their vehicles, but also for parents.

That's because they'll wrap around the lot to drop off their kids this year, instead of congesting traffic in front of the school.

"Traffic was a little bit of a problem last year," said Johnson Elementary Principal Vicki Huffman. "We had to work through that. We had to tweak that the first few weeks of school. We're hoping this year, with the new parking lot, that will all be taken care of."

The new maps have been sent out to parents.

To drop off at the elementary school, parents will enter next to the City Park entrance - the former bus-only lane. The lane heading toward the park will be used for the middle and high school drop-offs.

After they wrap around the parking lot, they'll drop off their kids by the gym instead of at the limited area in front of the main entrance.

"They'll have a longer drop-off area for the children," Huffman said. "We'll have crossing guards over there and teachers on duty so we can get all of the kids in the building safely."

The three schools have a high percentage of parents dropping off their kids due to their location right in the middle of the community.

"It's just easier for them to drive and drop off their kids - come the extra mile instead of waiting for the busses."

The new process will be another learning adjustment for parents - but hopefully - the final one for the time being.

"We're just excited for the kids to come to school," Huffman said. "We can't wait to see them. We've missed them all summer. We're looking forward to another great year."