November Jefferson Award winner: Jeanette Marra

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STAR CITY, W.Va. (WDTV) - The Jefferson Awards, Presented by Antero Resources, highlight those who go above and beyond to better their communities. Jeanette Marra is this month’s winner.

Marra has been living in Star City for almost her entire life. And ever since anyone can remember she’s been actively involved in helping the city in any way she can.

Folks we talked to say there was never an Election Day or town function she didn’t volunteer for. And she spent countless hours preparing for any events taking place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

“She’s the ‘Lady of the Community,’” said Chief Vic Propst, of the Star City Police Department. “For 60 years she’s been doing our elections at city hall up until this last election. She was always the first to arrive to make sure everything was ready for the poll workers and then for the public and everything had to be ready on time.”

“There’s never been a function that’s gone on at St. Mary’s Church that required cooking that Jeanette wasn’t there running the kitchen and doing her share of the cooking.”

And for the Mayor of Star City…well he considers Jeanette his second mother.

“Actually what comes to my mind is a second mother,” said Herman Reed, Mayor of Star City. “I was just raised four or five houses down the street. Her son and I, Joey, went to school since the first grade. If we got hungry we came here on the porch, she was always ready to feed us. We grew up on her pasta.”

So why does she do it? Why spend countless hours, days, weeks and years dedicating time to the community?

“Why? Because I enjoy it,” said Marra. “My kids ask me the same thing. I enjoy every bit of it. I like the people and I like the people I work with.”

“There’s a few people in Star City that will always go down in my memory as just nice people,” added Reed. “Just nice people that would help you out felt safe with, and she (Jeanette) was just pillar of the community.”

“Just always been there for anyone who needs here,” said Chief Propst. “There isn’t a person in this town that I respect more.”