Nurse Kelley stops in Morgantown, local nurses share passion for job

Published: Jul. 14, 2017 at 10:18 PM EDT
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Kelley Johnson is former Miss Colorado. But, she also goes by the name of Nurse Kelley.

Johnson became a celebrity after delivering a monologue during the Miss America pageant on why she became a nurse.

Now Johnson speaks about her experience and reminds nurses across the country just how important their job is.

During the event, we were able to talk with a pair of local nurses who work at Ruby Memorial Hospital.

We asked them why they do what they do? What reward do they get from being a nurse?

One nurse we talked with works with kids and she's a transportation nurse. She loves working with kids and their families and says it's exciting to be in an ambulance or in a helicopter caring for patients.

But, in the end, she knows she's doing something that can save lives.

"I love to work with the families. They're a whole unit," said Cathy Richards, a nurse. "In terms of flight nursing and transport nursing, that is just so exciting. And I know that I'm bringing them back to WVU Medicine where they can get definitive care."

But, what are some of the challenges nurses face? We asked one that very question.

"It's a struggle when we have shift work, holidays," said Yvonne Nieman, another nurse. "Caring for sick children, we see families when they're sometimes at their worst. No one wants to see an ill or injured child."