Nursing Queen

Published: Sep. 21, 2017 at 5:24 PM EDT
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When new mom Quinn Reitz couldn’t find comfortable nursing clothes, she took matters into her own hands creating a line of clothing for breastfeeding mothers.

While searching for nursing clothes, Reitz said it was impossible to find a comfortable, cotton-blend top that wasn’t clingy or form-fitting. That’s when she decided to make exactly what she was looking for. After a 10-year career in broadcast journalism, Nursing Queen was born.

Reitz says it was a huge leap of faith, but because there is such a need for this type of clothing, she’s found the risk was worth it.

"To get feedback that my products somehow are making some other mom’s life easier, making their day easier, making nursing easier, that is just amazing," she said.

She says becoming a mompreneur is challenging, especially with her young son at home and no business background. Still, she says taking things one day at a time, learning from mistakes and perseverance has helped her business grow.

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