Nutter Fort has big plans for local road, if they can get it from the DOH

NUTTER FORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Cherry Tree Drive isn't what the Nutter Fort mayor would call a "bad road"...but it could be better.

"It's just a mess all the time,"

The mayor, Sam Maxson, is working on a written request to send to the state highway department (DOH) who currently own the road, asking for ownership to be turned over to the town.

The origins of the state takeover of the small road are a mystery.

"It was a long time ago, before my time, that it was turned over to the state department of highways," Mayor Maxson said "And we want to take it back,"

The mayor knows that as far as paving and repairs go, cherry tree drive is far down on the list. So they want to take matters into their own hands.

"We want to do some repairs on the road, and the draining system, for possible redevelopment up on the hill,"

In addition to the several residential roads and this church, the town of Nutter Fort hopes to take over Cherry Tree Drive so that they can use the rest of the surrounding land for more redevelopment in the town.

In addition to marking the road accessible for redevelopment, town leaders also hope to repair the drainage system.

"There's a lot of water that comes off that hill, especially after heavy rain" Mayor Maxson said "And there's not adequate drainage,"

The mayor still works on the draft of that request, but hopes it will be approved quickly.