Officers confront drugged driving at summit

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Law enforcement officials from across the state, as well as bordering states, gathered in Bridgeport Tuesday for a summit focused on the increasing threat of drugged driving.

Photo courtesy: MGN

The event, which was sponsored by AAA, drew police, health care experts, and members of the treatment community.

Police officers who attended say they've seen an uptick in drugged driving incidents, more so than drunk driving.

"[Drivers] may be on the road, stopped on the middle of the road, asleep or passed out because they're high," said Corporal Martin Bailey, of the State Police.

Cpl. Bailey said officers see situations like this on a daily basis.

In March, a study from found West Virginia to be the deadliest state for drugged drivers.

"A lot of the people that are using drugs--they have to get to and from a place to get drugs, so they're driving, so we try to intercept them and get them off the road," Cpl. Bailey explained, referring to major roadways like I-79.

But screening for drugs comes with its challenges. Find out why in our full story in the video above. You'll also hear from a recovering addict, who shares his own story about driving behind the wheel while high.