Officials: Mitch Carmichael's statement isn't true

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV)-- Senator Mitch Carmichael: "You guys come here and put pressure on us to deny a county an option."
Teachers: "What county wants that?"
Carmichael: "Mon County."

As the third version of the omnibus education bill hits the house floor, people in Monongalia County are angry after a video shows Senator Mitch Carmichael saying that Monongalia County does want charter schools.

"I know for a fact that our Board of Education has sent at least three letters to Mitch Carmichael personally stating that they do not want charter schools in Monongalia County," said Sam Brunett, President of the Monongalia County AFT.

After Carmichael said this, several teachers in the video spoke out against him. In fact, officials in Mon County say the city, the county and the board are all in agreement against this part of the lengthy bill.

"Either he needs to explain where he got that information or revoke what he said," said Tom Bloom, Monongalia County Commission President.

On Wednesday morning, discussions on each of the amendments started. This version of the bill also includes teacher pay raises, funding for wrap around services and seniority clauses, but the charter school comment is striking a nerve.

"I know that our teachers do not want charter schools. I know that the parents who went to all of these forums in Mon County stated that they do not want charter schools," said Brunett.

Brunett has served as the AFT president for years and has stood in the picket lines down in Charleston on multiple occasions. He says he likes parts of the bill, but that since everything is grouped into one it would be a shame if it passed.

"This bill would be devastating."

The BOE says they're going to remind Carmichael of where they stand.

"We're going to resend the latest information that we put together, that we shared with our delegates and our senators, and we'll send that back out to him just in case he missed the last two," said Dr. Eddie Campbell, Superintendent of Monongalia County Schools.

"If it wasn't the board of education, it wasn't the City of Morgantown and it wasn't County Commission who is he actually talking to," said Bloom.

Teachers in video: "We don't have any Mon County teachers here, but the ones I've talked to say they don't want that."

The county is awaiting a response from Carmichael to clarify his statement.