Ophthamologists suggest not using contact lenses during coronavirus pandemic

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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Experts from the American Academy of Ophthalmologist say that those with contact lenses should switch to regular glasses during COVID-19. This allows for a lesser urge to touch their eyes.

According to the CDC, although the virus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets via a cough or sneeze or by touching a contaminated object then touching your face, it can also spread through the eyes.

A local ophthalmologist said you shouldn't use contact lenses if your eyes don't feel well.

"Remember to always ask anytime you wear your contact lenses: do my eyes feel good with my lenses?", said Dr. Craig Leibig, an optometrist with Fick Eyecare, Inc. in Clarksburg. "There shouldn't be any discomfort."

The AAO also recommends you follow your doctor's orders for wearing and disposing of your contact lenses and to keep the nozzle of your contact lens solution from touching any surfaces.