Opioid ads removed from Facebook: Too little too late?

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also faced with questions pertaining to illegal opioid advertisers on the social media site. Online pill mills ran by a variety of mediums including doctors have been rampant on the site and advertising to Facebook users. With the increase in illegal distribution of the drug thanks to advertising on the site, Zuckerberg has decided to remove the ads once his company was made aware of their presence.

"Our youth today are so addicted, if you will, to social marketing and when they're online and they popup continuously that's the way our young people learn through repetition and spontaneousness," said JoAnne McNemar

Final words of encouragement to the state?

"Through issues of prevention, intervention, and treatment, we can do it together, because together we can and do make a difference," McNemar said.

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