Roads, creeks in Harrison County turn Orange Saturday following road work

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- You've heard of following the yellow brick road, but drivers Saturday in Harrison County followed stretches of orange roads.

Multiple viewers told us they saw Division of Highways crews working on the ditches at the Eastpointe Shopping Center on Emily Drive.

The road along the entrance to the shopping center was coated with a sulfur-like orange color. The trail of Orange extended on Route 50 Westbound to the top of Bridgeport Hill Road, where it appears the dirt dug from those ditches was dumped.

The orange color was also spotted in Elk Creek at the Clarksburg City Park.

The entrance to the shopping center is a former mining site. It's likely that the orange substance is a result of abandoned mine drainage.

The Environmental Protection Agency says it's common with abandoned mining sites.

The orange color was still prevalent on the road Sunday.

Phone calls and emails to the DOH and W.Va. Department of Environmental Protection weren't immediately answered over the weekend.