What Do I Do If: Eating organically trends grow

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - Over the last few years,organic and locally produced foods have gone viral in the United States. West Virginia residents have caught on to this trend and with the rich harvesting and farming conditions of the land, many locals have found it easy to catch on.

So why are more and more people deciding to shop for their produce and meat locally?

“Eating well is the basis to good health both mental and psychical and it impacts your energy levels a lot and all in all makes you feel better which is the basis of living a good life,” said grower Sky Harman

Many of the local farmers who sell their product at the Bridgeport Farmers Market throughout the summer decide against using pesticides and chemicals for the health and taste benefits.

“We do see an increase. They don’t want anything to harm their body. You see all kinds of stuff on TV about all the chemicals and what it’s doing to our body. The natural stuff is healthier for you. Organic is they way to go because our bodies want the good stuff,” said local Mt. Hollow Farm owner Ellie Cronlund.

This particularly wet season has forced some growers to innovate and use greenhouses and tunnels to protect their crops from the fluctuating climate, as well.

“They allow you to plant year-round. It’s a little bit more of a controlled environment so they’re not 100 percent exposed. Like in March we had 80 degree weather then we went down to single digits and I had stuff growing in there, I had the sides down, ”said Cronlund.

So while medical professionals, nutritionists, and scientists continue to make links between many diseases and the consumption of processed foods and chemicals, West Virginia farmers are seeing people from all age groups try to make more conscious food choices.