Organization, FSU help young girl's dream come true

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FAIRMONT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Many people dream of being a collegiate or famous athlete. On Tuesday, Cheyenne Filler had that dream come true.

Cheyenne became the newest member of the Fairmont State University women's soccer team.

Team Impact seeks to improve the quality of life for children with life threatening or chronic illness.

FSU and Team Impact helped make her dream come true of becoming a student-athlete by holding a draft signing, where all the student athletes were there to cheer on their newest team member.

"She is just overwhelmed by the support she's gotten from the soccer team. It's really nice to know that she's got friends, and they've given her a lot of support in just the little bit of time that we've been with them," said Cheyenne's mother, Kayla.

The players and coaches see this as a positive impact for both Cheyenne and the team.

"Just giving her a support system and giving her a team that she can be a part of. She's getting to the point now, she's getting a little bit older, into her teenage years. For any girl at that age, it can be difficult, in a school setting or a Special Olympics setting or anything like that," said FSU women's soccer coach Brandon Heembrook. "Just being able to give her an extra support system, give her that confidence. Knowing that she has a full team of college athletes behind her should give her a lot of confidence going forward."

As a team member, Cheyenne gets her own jersey, a place on the sidelines and one-on-ones with her FSU teammates.