Organization taking proactive approach with stray and feral cats

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - The issue of feral & stray cats in our state is not necessarily anything new.

A relatively new non-profit organization in Morgantown is taking the next proactive steps to controlling the population by using modern technology.

"TNR, which is trap, and we neuter and spay, vaccinate," said Christine Zawaski, the co-founder of Morgantown Feral & Stray Cats. "We release them. In those areas, we've seen very stabilized populations."

They feel the issue hasn't necessarily improved, but hasn't gotten worse. One of the big reasons has been the help of technology.

"It also helps with tracking people who are dumping off animals," said Michael Cary, another co-founder of the organization. "We get to see where people have abandoned animal, whether it's a friendly animal."

They're able to use maps to tackle a variety of issues that come with the main one. Specifically, it's a way to control and keep their efforts more organized.

"It also helps us track disease, so we can make sure if we've rescued a cat and are sending it to a foster, it's not coming from an area where we know there's a high incidence of disease in that area," Cary added.

They've implemented motion cameras into their work. Through this addition, they're hoping to have a better look at what they're working with each day.

"It's really nice to keep tabs on them, to make sure that they're healthy," Cary said.

The organization is also preparing for a Holiday Craft & Vendor Fair

It's on Dec. 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Woodland United Methodist Church on the Mileground. If you're interested in setting up, contact Stephanie Faulkiner by sending an e-mail to