"Original" Toughman Contest application information

Sponsored - Jerry Thomas’ West Virginia Sports Promotions announced that it will begin accepting applications for fighters and ring girls of the 39th annual “Original” Toughman Contest on September 1.

The contest is a single elimination boxing tournament open to men and women from 18 to 39 that have not fought professionally and have limited amateur experience. The “Original” Toughman Contest welcomes jocks, bar brawlers, bar bouncers and street fighters. All of the bouts are scheduled for three 1-minute rounds, where fighters wear padded 16-ounce gloves and a mouth piece.

All applicants must be in good physical condition. The weight class for both men and women are: Lightweight (up to 139lbs), Middleweight (140-159), Light Heavyweight (160-184 lbs.) and Heavyweight (185-400 lbs.).

Prize money will be awarded, with each of the men’s division champions receiving $1000 and runner-ups receiving $300. Prize amounts for the women’s division are dependent on the number of contests and bouts. Each champion will receive a Toughman jacket.

“Miss Ring Girl” will receive $1000 with second, third, and fourth place ring girls receiving $200 each.

To enter to be a fighter or ring girl, you can call 1-800-296-3897 or visit the Related Link.

Jerry Thomas' West Virginia Sports Promotions and the "Original" Toughman Contest is a sponsor of WDTV.