Our youth, our future: Dawson Evans

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WEST UNION, W.Va. (WDTV) - Dawson Evans is a busy young man. The Doddridge County high-schooler is involved in tons of activities, most of which involve serving his community. His parents say that Dawson has had a passion for helping people since he was a kid.

Dawson, who started his own t-shirt company, makes a t-shirt.

"He just likes being involved and helping others; ever since he was little, he's enjoyed helping other people," said Chad Evans.

"I like giving back to the community," Dawson said, "they have done some much for me over the past few years and you just never know when it's going to be you on the other end of things."

Dawson said that he takes his academics seriously and has had straight As since kindergarten.

"I want to have a great future. I see a lot for myself and have high standards for myself and grades are just the number one step to a good college," Dawson said.

The upcoming 11th grader is involved in 14 community-based clubs and has been in 11 musicals. Dawson also helps his family on the farm and is a member of Future Farmers of America and holds leadership positions on several different councils.

"I love being a leader and being someone that people can look to for advice," said Dawson."

The Doddridge County superintendent of schools, Adam Cheeseman, says Dawson excels in all activities.

"Dawson is certainly unique and talented at everything he does," said Cheeseman, "Whether it is arts, academics, or athletics, he seems to excel."

Dawson also owns a lawn care business and has a stand at the farmers market, where he sells honey from his bee hives. Recently, he started his own t-shirt company.

"This is a really good experience to let my creativity shine, by designing shirts," Dawson said.

All of the money he makes, goes into a college fun that Dawson has had since he was small.

Dawson's parents and community are excited to see where his future will lead him.

"I think the sky is the limit for that young man," Cheeseman said, "I know that sounds cliche, but he can definitely do whatever he wants to do."

Dawson said that while he doesn't have any concrete plans for what he'll study in college, he says he is interested in pursuing a career in education.

"I have seen the impact that my teachers have had on me and I really just want to form the next generation." said Dawson.

The busy student also told me that when it's time to apply to colleges, he would love to stay in-state.

"This place is my home and my roots," Dawson said, "Lots of people think that there's not much here but I can tell you that everything that you could find in another state, you can find here at home."

Ultimately, Dawson said that he is just focused on making a difference.

"One of the quotes that I always live by is 'I may be only one person, but I'm one person who can make a difference'," said Dawson.

Dawson continued, "I think that I have covered that pretty well so far in my life, and I hope and pray that I continue to make differences in everyones lives around me."