Our youth, our future: Kaitlyn Tennant

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Morgantown, W.Va. (WDTV) - Kaitlyn Tennant isn't your average teenager. The 17-year-old serves as Miss Battelle, is part of student council and an officer for LEO club, and the FFA.

Kaitlyn shows off her medals from weight lifting and track.

Six months ago, the beauty queen started strength training as a way to get stronger for Track and Field, a sport where she is a star at throwing shot put and discus.

"It makes me happy and makes me feel strong and powerful," she said.

Kaitlyn quickly began competing in strong woman contests. She's won a couple first place trophies and holds two state records.

Her biggest challenge so far was her decision to perform in front of her peers during her school's talent show.

"I pulled my principal's truck with 11 students in it."

The high school senior was nervous to show off for her classmates, but their reaction made her believe in herself even more.

When Kaitlyn decided to share her amazing feats on social media, her video racked up thousands of views.

"After the video was posted, many mom's messaged me and told me about how they were showing their daughter's the video and it made me happy to know that little girls are happy and they look up to me."

Check out the video above to hear more of Kaitlin's story.