Our youth, our future: Roark Sizemore

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Roark Sizemore has a passion for helping others.

Roark stacks cans at the Pantry Plus More warehouse.

"It doesn't matter who you are or what resources you have, you can make a difference in someone's life," Roark said.

The star-student and WVU sophomore learned his values from his family.

"We grew up in a family where we were always concerned about 'how can we give back to others?' especially when we have more to give," said his older sister, Stefanie Hines.

When he was just a senior in high school, Roark worked with a county official to create a non-profit called Pantry Plus More, which puts food pantries into schools.

"Kids can go in whenever and get whatever they want, so it's completely anonymous; kids can keep their integrity and just worry about being a kid," said Roark.

"I've come across a few students in my 34 years who stand out. Not only did Roark stand out, but he was able to get everyone in his class to work together," said Tom Bloom, county commissioner and Roark's former high school advisor.

The program took off and is a growing success. Roark hopes to eventually have the program in every school in the county.

He also recently won a contest through the WVU Launch Lab Innovation Center and earned almost $2,000 to go towards the pantry.

"We've been so impressed with his ability to manage people, as well as his kind heart and desire to help people across the state," said Carrie White, director of the WVU Launch Lab innovation center.

The Launch Lab helps student entrepreneurs get their feet off the ground. They're currently helping Roark set up contacts who will help him expand the Pantry Plus More.
All of the people in his life see big things for Roark's future.

"He has all of the makings of someone who could really make change in this world, and he already has," said Hines.

No matter what he decides to do, Roark wants to continue serving kids in his community.

"There'll always be time to sleep later or watch TV...this work is so important to me, that it always comes first," said Roark.

If you want to donate food or other items, visit The Pantry Plus More on Facebook for contact information.