Patrick Morrisey talks opioid epidemic in roundtable discussion

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey met with people in the community, Monday, to discuss the growing opioid epidemic.

The roundtable discussion is another effort to discuss ways to tackle the opioid issue in the state and in local communities.

They also spoke about different ways to allocate funds for treatment efforts. Morrisey says they want to develop ways to make sure people who get treatment don't go back into their old habits.

"Conversations today are about different ways that we can target money toward treatment. Not only in terms of hospital beds and the mental healthcare services but sometimes the transition services. These actually allow you to make sure that after you get detoxed there's going to be a period of time. You have to transition people back into a good environment," said Morrisey.

The discussion lasted about an hour and Morrisey believes it's another step in the right direction.