Peaceful vigil held in Buckhannon

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 12:31 AM EDT
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A large but distant crowd gathered in Jawbone Park to honor the memory of George Floyd.

This was not a protest, but a peaceful vigil.

Among the topics discussed were the Black Live Matter and LGBTQ movements.

Most attendees wore masks, and there were several speakers including the Buckhannon chief of police Matt Gregory.

"As I put these thoughts on paper, I believe it is a reflection of the men and women who serve our community," says Gregory.

"We believe in fairness, justice, and equality... and that the principles of due process apply to everyone, emphasis on 'everyone.'" he adds.

Kicking off the rally was organizer and local activist Timothy Cantor.

"In this this town we are safe, we are secure, and we are lucky. Most importantly, we are lucky to have the police in this town specifically," says Cantor.

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