Pennsylvania woman arrested after allegedly breaking into home, threatening to kill local family

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- A Pennsylvania woman has been charged in Monongalia County after allegedly breaking into a home and threatening to kill a family.

According to the criminal complaint, police responded after a disturbance involving a gun was reported at Canyon Village. A woman who went by the alias "Neeks" was allegedly trying to break into the home at the time and was able to break a window before authorities got there.

Deputies say when they got there, the suspect had fled the area. When speaking with the victims one of them received a phone call from Neeks and the deputies had the call put on speaker. They say during the call, Neeks threatened to kill the family and burn down their home.

According to the complaint, deputies spoke with the adult victims separately, all of which told similar stories when asked what had happened.

The victims told deputies that Neeks had come to the home earlier and forced her way inside. One of the victims was able to convince her to go outside to her car. They said Neeks then took a gun from the car and threatened that if the victim did not produce an individual that had allegedly stolen drugs, money, and a gun from her, she would kill the adults and children living in the home.

Officials say that according to the victims, Neeks then went back into the home with the victim and the gun and had the victim bring the whole family into the living room. There, Neekls threatened to kill the family if they did not produce the individual. Neeks then left saying she would return for the individual.

The victims told deputies that Neeks came back and was able to break the window but was unable to get into the home. She then fled the scene.

Officials were able to ping Neeks phone to an area of Pennsylvania. Further investigation revealed Neeks to be 27-year-old Reagernike Turner of Lake Lynn, PA.

Turner is charged with burglary, possession with intent to deliver, and possession with intent to deliver cocaine.