People claiming to have Christmas presents try to get in house

Published: Dec. 12, 2018 at 10:58 AM EST
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A mother says a couple of people in a white van showed up at her home, saying they were delivering Christmas presents. The encounter ended with the woman grabbing her gun and calling police.

Jerrica Little heard a knock on her door Tuesday morning, a little before 8.

"I'd been expecting a package, so I didn't really think anything about it," she said. "I opened the door, and it was a woman. She was dressed really nice. She looked like she came from church or something."

The van had pulled up outside her house along Billy Branch Road in Genoa.

"She told me I'd been nominated to win Christmas presents for my kids," Little said. "I told her that was really cool, and I asked her who nominated me. When I asked her that, she looked at me with a blank look and didn't really know what to say exactly."

Little says the woman then waved at a man who was sitting in the parked van.

"He stepped out, and he looked nasty," Little said. "He was wearing bibbed overalls. He had dirt all over him. His boots were caked in mud."

She says the man pulled a big paper bag that looked empty out of the van.

"As soon as he did that, I was like never mind, you can give them to someone else," Little said. "Something felt off at that point. She was like, 'No, no, we need to bring them inside.'"

Little says then the woman reached for the glass screen door handle.

"I knew something was going on, and I freaked out a little bit, and I closed to the door as fast as I could and locked it," she said.

Little ran to her room, grabbed her gun, and called 911.

"As I was on the phone with 911, the guy starts banging on my door," she said.

After Little told the people she'd called 911 and had a gun, they got back in the van and left.

"My heart kind of dropped," she said. "I was crying."

In the days leading up to Christmas, she'll be keeping her gun within quick reach in case of any return visits.

"I feel like they were maybe trying to steal Christmas presents or scope out the inside of my house," she said. "You never think that's going to happen out here in Genoa."

Little says she made a report with West Virginia State Police.