People prepare for winter temperatures

The official start of winter is still a week away, but the cold temperatures are a reminder that winter is on its way.

The next couple of days are going to be unbearably cold, so break out the jacket and gloves and bundle up. But with the cold weather comes safety concerns and today's snow can turn into black ice starting later tonight and into tomorrow. The roads can get slippery and that leads to potentially dangerous driving conditions.

"People on the roads, sometimes don't pay enough attention and they travel a little faster than what they should. You run into black ice, you're not thinking about it" says resident of Clarksburg Rhonda Knott.

The Division of Highways has a few tips on safe driving when the roads get icey:
- Slow down in areas where water has been previously seen.
- Bridges and overpasses often freeze before the road.
- Don't brake on black ice, instead drive slower.
- Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. This allows more time to brake.
- Salt treatments are helpful, but when temperatures drop below 15 degrees, salt doesn't necessarily work.
- There's a higher potential for black ice after a cold day that warms above freezing, be alert.
- Allow extra travel time when temperatures are below freezing.
- Areas where the sun cannot reach the roadway have a higher potential for black ice.
- Be observant of cars ahead of you to see if they experience any problems.