Personal trainers speak about weight loss for New Year's resolution

Published: Dec. 28, 2019 at 11:25 PM EST
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A new year brings new goals, or a chance at ones that were set previously.

Consumer affairs reported that 75% of Americans are setting weight loss goals for 2020.

The report also states, "The beginning of the year feels like a fresh start, a new beginning filled with possibility. We also tend to let our diet, exercise and sleep slide a bit during the holidays so we are starting with a few additional extra pounds which motivates people to make these resolutions too."

Losing weight always ranks high amongst other new year resolutions, but certified personal trainer, Bobbie Beaudry, said sticking with it continues to be an issue for many.

"Whenever you start the new year and you don't have a concrete plan, and you're just going to wing it, a lot of times we fail or we give up because we kind of lose our focus," Beaudry said.

Which is why very few people follow through completely with their resolution.

Ginger Getz, a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer at HealthPlus, said there are other factors to consider as well.

"I think fitness for this area especially during this time of year, the days are shorter. We tend to get a little seasonal disorder," Getz said.

However, with proper preparation, a new year's resolutions can be successful.

"Before the new year even hits, start really getting your plan down," Beaudry said.

"Proper rest, proper hydration, decreasing sugar, increasing fruits, vegetables, lean meats, cutting out processed foods, these are all very simple things that don't require a lot of numbers and overthinking, but are going to make you feel really good," she said.

"Feeling good is going to be that motivation to keep you going because you want to thrive."

For those who don't have access to a gym, trainers at HealthPlus said the best thing to do is to just always stay moving.

"Believe that you can achieve this success, believe that if you follow the steps, that if you follow the protocol that it does work. And so a lot of times we just worry too much about it being perfect and we don't think about progress."

Progress that will hopefully keep motivating all year long.

The HealthPlus Fitness Center also offers an eight week boot camp program in February to help people stick with their resolution.

"We recognize the importance of accountability," Beaudry said. "There's a lot of statistics showing that, that increases your success by 65 percent," she said. "When you have accountability as well as a very structured goal, that goes up to 95 percent."

For more information, you can contact Bobbie Beaudry, 304-368-5455.