Pet Helpers: Meet Brena!

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Brena here! I came to Pet Helpers about a month ago with a severe case of Demodex mites/mange. I didn't feel very good at all and had almost given up hope of ever being healthy or loved because itchy skin and painful sores were all I had ever known. I didn't know there were some really nice people out there called rescuers and foster parents but I sure do now!

I am a terrier/beagle mix and weigh around 20 pounds. I like all my dog foster brothers and sisters and cats are interesting! I like humans of all sizes. I've finished all my medicines, still have special medicated baths a couple times a week, eating good food made of salmon and peas for the extra oils and I feel SO much better.

I am scheduled for spay next puppies for me (especially since I'm only about 10 months old myself). I give my foster mom face kisses and ear cleanings...she laughs and says I'm a silly little girl. She told me I'll be ready for my own Forever Home in probably 2 weeks...not sure how I feel about THAT yet, but she promised I would have someone who would love me, play with me and let me live inside their house with them just like she does, only better. If you want to share your heart and your home with me, send an email to!