Pet Helpers: Meet Romeo!

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Romeo's the name, finding my Forever Family is the game!

I'm a 5-month-old boy, maybe a Sheltie/Pomeranian mix (I like to keep everyone guessing) and I weigh 12 pounds. I've had one puppy booster and my rabies vaccine, and have received dewormer and a flea treatment.

My foster mom says I will be neutered Thursday, whatever that is (she says it's a good thing, but I have a funny feeling that's just her opinion).

I'm doing amazingly well on my house training. You just have to take me out regularly cause I'm just a little fella with a little bladder. I only pooped in the house one time, and heck that was the first day I was at my foster mom's house so it doesn't count.

I don't mind the crate, but I'd much rather hang out with you. Yes, I'll be honest, you DO need to let me stay in the crate when you're not home cause I'm a typical puppy and I'll chew and investigate everything I can get my little paws on.

I'm doing pretty good with that collar and leash thing, too. I love to snuggle under my foster mom's neck while she pets my silky fur and makes me feel safe, but it sure would be nice to have my own family FOREVER to give my love to.

If you want to let me come live in your house and love me, fill out an application on Pet Helpers website Remember, Romeo's my name, finding YOU is my game!