Pet owners offer advice for fireworks safety

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Fireworks are a picturesque image of the 4th of July, but some people like setting them off even before and after the holiday.

They say it's a time to celebrate, and have a little fun for a few days out of the entire year. While people are having that fun, it's not always that way for our four-legged friends.

Pet owners we spoke with aren't necessarily against fireworks, but they just worry about their dogs and cats and what they're afraid of. Others say they aren't trying to scare pets by setting them off. All in all, both sides understand what the other is trying to do.

"When she does get scared, she howls," said Caitlin Barber. "It's awful sounding."

It has been a common topic on social media over the weekend and into the early part of the week -- pet owners worried about the loud noises from fireworks, and some note the behavior of their dogs and cats.

"When she heard the fireworks at our house last night, she had never heard them before," Barber said. "She got really scared, crawled under the bed, I looked under there and she was shaking really bad. So I pulled her up on the bed and just held her. She was very unaware of what the sounds could possibly be."

What about cats?

"They tend to run underneath the couch and in those instances, we just let them be, and let them relax for a little bit, and then give them lots of love later on," said Sara Guthrie.

Those who sell fireworks know how much people like to celebrate the holiday.

"I think most people don't do it maliciously," said Ladonna Joseph. "I think it's just a celebration, it's patriotic, it's just a couple days a year most of the time."

While they understand kids and pets might be afraid of the noise, they don't mean any harm.

"We're not trying to scare really anybody," said Leslie Benedum. "We're here to sell and make sure you have a little fun, but it's the 4th of July and a little bit of celebration but there are times that you really should be considerate of your neighbor."