Plans to help West Virginia's needs after Hurricane Florence

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Hurricane Florence's arrival has made a lot of companies and organizations work to ensure their services are able to meet the demand of the people in their region.

The American Red Cross and First Energy are two companies that have plans in place for any potential storm damage here in West Virginia and the Carolina's.

"We are pretty much trying to prepare everyday of the year. Wether it's sunny skies or grey skies. We need about 13,000 blood donors to come through our doors everyday, that's system-wide across the entire country. We're out there everyday to try to prepare for situations like this," said Adam Reaves the District Manager for Biomedical Sales, American Red Cross.

With flooding and hurricane Irma in the past, First Energy has send lineman to help affected areas. However, they want to make sure they help their customers, in West Virginia, first then go to other places that need help.

"The first duty, so to speak, is to have our Mon Power employees and other First Energy employees and contractors get the lights back on, as quickly as possible, for West Virginia," said Mon Power spokesman, Todd Meyers.

First Energy has three meteorologists on staff who have been looking at storm patters, so they can prepare for the impact it has on the people in all areas.

"We have people on staff that look specifically at our territories of what could happen. We're never worried about the land fall of Florence. We're always worried about the secondary impact," said Meyers.

Often times with natural disasters, the need for blood increases.

Officials with the American Red Cross say they expect to lose a little over 1,400 unites of blood that won't be collected due to the storm.

However, if there's a need they know the public won't hesitate to help.

"Donating blood [means] you're helping a system across the entire country, so that blood can help in areas that need it. Whether it be right here in town, across the state, East coast or West coast," said Reaves.

The American Red Cross encourages everyone to come donate blood if they're able to. On their website, you can also make donations for those affected by Hurricane Florence.