Polar Vortex brings snow, unseasonable cold to North Central West Virginia

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 10:24 PM EDT
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North Central West Virginia is expected to have some of the coldest temperatures for May in decades.

In fact, some of the coldest air in the northern hemisphere has made its way into the eastern half of the United States, and snow has even fallen across our area.

This cold air mass is called a polar vortex, which gets its name from the polar regions where this air mass usually resides, and it is responsible for some of the coldest temperatures seen typically during the winter. But this time, this polar vortex has arrived during mid-spring, which is a rare occurrence. In fact, some record low highs could fall this weekend, and freeze warnings are up for the entirety of our area. This could wreak havoc on uncovered plants, so we talked to a local farmers market to see what their contingency plans are to protect their plants, including roll covers.

“We already have [roll covers] in the markets, and maybe around 7 o’clock we go and cover the flowers," said Patricia Espinosa, owner of Green Acres Farmers Market in Upshur County, "and sometimes they get things a little bit but they protect a lot.”

Another way that you can protect your plants is to bring smaller plants inside.

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