UPDATE: 2 charged after police dog chases down pursuit suspect in Preston County

28-year-old Blake Conrad of Berkeley Springs was charged with felony offenses following Thursday's pursuit, according to the Preston County Sheriff's Department.

Sampson with Lt. Mitter, Courtesy: Preston County Sheriff's Office

"I got behind the Subaru and tried to stop it and at that point the vehicle took off," said Lieutenant Thomas Mitter with the Preston County Sheriff's Department.

Police said Conrad led them on a pursuit Thursday in his 1995 Subaru Forester. He allegedly drove up the off ramp at Bruceton Mills eventually leading him to Hudson Road and onto the back roads of Bull Run Road.

A road, police say, is dangerous and he couldn't keep driving. That's when Sampson was released.

"He saw the K-9 coming because he was trying to get rid of some bagged evidence that he had on him. As soon as he saw the dog coming, he ended up climbing up a tree and screaming for us to come get him because he didn't want bit, obviously," said Mitter.

He fled on foot after his car became inoperable and was eventually chased down by an officer's K-9.

Conrad faces charges of fleeing with reckless indifference and possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

25-year-old James Conrad, Blake's brother, stayed in the car when the pursuit ended, officials said. James, formerly of Fairmont, was charged with marijuana possession.

"The brother was just a passenger. He [Blake] picked him up from Berkley Springs to take him to go see his mom. Both of them agreed and stated that he had nothing to do with the actual drug transfer," said Mitter.

Lieutenant Mitter says he released the K-9 because it became a safety issue.

"If you want to run on a road that hard, for my own safety, I'm deploying a partner to have at least one more set of eyes on the offender. Keep me a little more safe," said Mitter.

Something he says only happens about once a year.

"This will probably be his one time this year he gets used for something like that," said Mitter.

A man has been arrested after about a 45 minute, high-speed pursuit in Preston County.

According to Preston County Sheriff Daniel Loughrie, an officer was patrolling on I-68 at around 10:30 a.m. when a car drove by that did not have an inspection. Police chased after the car, which later got off on Route 26 South and went toward Hudson Road and Bull Run.

Police say the suspect's axle broke on the car and he got out and ran down a hill. The officer deployed his K-9 unit, which later kept the suspect secure until the officer was able to apprehend him.

Sheriff Loughrie says police also found marijuana. The suspect's name hasn't been released yet.