Police kill 3-legged bear in Westover they believed to be dangerous

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WESTOVER, W.Va. (WDTV)-- According to Westover Police Chief Richard Panico, the Westover Police Department has been tracking a 3-legged black bear since Sunday afternoon.

Black bear, Photo Date: 9/22/2016 (PIXNIO)

The first call came in on Sunday around noon and sightings continued on through Monday. During this time officers began tracking and attempting to trap the bear.

Chief Panico says on Tuesday morning the bear found its way into a resident's backyard.

The resident let his dog out and it approached the bear. As the dog approached the bear the bear stood on its back legs. The dog's owner ran outside and scared the bear off.

When police arrived on scene they say they saw the bear was at the edge of the woods and believed that it had become comfortable with its surroundings.

Previously when police would approach the bear to attempt to capture it the bear would simply run off. This time according to police as an officer approached the bear it stood up on its hind legs and an officer shot the bear with a shotgun killing it. After killing the bear they found it had a Pennsylvania tag on its ear.

Chief Panico told 5News they were reluctant to kill the bear and that it was a last resort. However they felt the bear was getting too comfortable and could be a danger to residents and officers engaging with the bear.