Portable generator safety tips to keep in mind this winter

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Portable generators are a useful tool but can be a safety hazard if not used correctly.

Especially in the winter, local fire departments want to remind people that if they are going to use a portable generator they need to keep several things in mind.

These generators should not be run inside the house or a garage because they release potentially deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

But they can also be a fire hazard.

Local fire departments often respond to accidents cause by generators. The most common offense they say is people using the generator incorrectly.

"Adhere to the guidelines of the generator in regards to how many volts and amps you're pulling off of it based on what you have plugged into it," said Bridgeport fire department Lt. Keith Linger "Once you start exceeding that it will cause failures and create fire hazards,"