Some residents are fed up with the pothole problem

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Potholes, it's a road problem that many of us are not a stranger to, especially during the winter months, but just because we've seen them before, doesn't mean driving over them makes it any better for our cars.

Road officials say that it's the combination of the ground freezing from the cold and than thawing whenever the weather gets a bit warmer, a pattern we've been seeing often. This change in temperature makes the ground weak, resulting in these dreaded holes. The division of highways says that fixing them is tough to do when the cycle keeps repeating, but some people are fed up with damaging their cars from driving over these potholes, and they say that their tax money should be used to fix them.

"They can swallow the cars, pretty much. I mean, they're horrible" says Monongalia County resident Heather Banks White. She adds, "It needs fix, it's costing the tax payers money that they definitely don't have."

The Division of Highways says that they use "cold mix" to temporarily fix these holes, because asphalt companies don't run in the winter. It's a frustrating issue for drivers and road officials understand that.

"We understand that and we would like to fix them all but, as an agency with limited resources, we try to maximize those resources to have the greatest effect on the largest number of people" says District Engineer for the Division of Highways Donald Williams.