Preparing for summer flash flooding

Harrison County, W.Va (WDTV) Summer may be the season of high temperatures and humidity, but sometimes that humidity adds to the heavy rains associated with thunderstorms.

Flooding; sometimes it takes a few days to occur, or sometimes it is a flash flood which can occur in just minutes.

Avoiding flooded roadways is essential in your safety when it comes to flooded roadways. Flash flooding is perhaps the cause of most flood related deaths, especially when it comes to driving.

Each year, people drive through flooded roadways, only to have their car swept away. So what is the best way to avoid this happening to you?

Brianna Pethtel Marion County EMT says the best advice is "when you see a sign that the road is closed, do not drive through it."

If you are unsure of how deep the water on a roadway is, play it safe, and simply do not drive through it. Remember it only takes a few inches of quick moving water to sweep your car away.