Preston County Health Department announces first confirmed case of COVID-19

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PRESTON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The Preston County Health Department announced Preston County's first confirmed case of COVID-19.

"This news is not unexpected," a news release from the Preston County Health Department says. "As testing expands, this will happen."

Preston County Health Department officials say people shouldn't panic and should take measures to keep them and their community safe.

Preston Memorial Hospital has established a COVID-19 testing site in the parking lot of Kingwood Elementary School.

Officials say those who believe they need to be tested should call Preston Memorial Hospital at (304) 329-7285.

When you call Preston Memorial Hospital, you will be pre-screened over the phone.

Those who believe they need to be tested must meet current testing criteria, health department officials said. If you meet testing criteria, you will be given instructions as how to proceed to the testing site.

Health department officials say you can also call your doctor or local clinic to get information on testing and how to go about testing.