UPDATE: Preston County school excess levy results final

Officials say the Preston County excess school levy vote has been finalized.

Last Friday, it was decided to recount precinct 22 in order to make sure everything was correct. The results have now been finalized, and the levy did pass.

UPDATE 2/08/19
With 28 out of 28 precincts reported, the Preston County excess school levy has passed.

On Friday, the commission picked precinct 22 to recount to make sure everything was done right.

On election night there's an accurate count of the votes done by the clerk and poll workers.

According to the Preston County Commission President, Dave Price, there was a more than 300 vote margin for the levy.

He says by doing recounts it will confirm the results in case any absentee ballots or votes were missed.

Price says if it's a close call some people may ask for more precincts to be counted. However, he says he doesn't expect this to happen.

"We will recount and will account for all of the other parts of the election. Such as, how many people came in to vote, how many did vote and of course we'll count the votes for and against the levy. All of those things to make sure everything is just exactly the way it should be," said Price.

This levy helps provide funding for schools within the county.