Preston High administrators investigating possible senior prank gone too far

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KINGWOOD, W.Va (WDTV) - Administrators are still trying to find the culprits behind cars keyed in the Preston High parking lot.

Principal Stephen Plum told 5 News he has received about two dozen reports of this and he's making it clear that this type of behavior will result in consequences.

"This has been going on for years, yes," Plum said.

That doesn't make the crime any less severe. Plum says this form of vandalism won't be tolerated.

"Vandalism, destruction of property, yes," he said. "If it totals over $2,500 it's my understanding that it's a felony."

There's thought that this might be a part of a senior prank, given the time of year that this happens and how it's not a new problem. As of now, they don't have a suspect. They've still taken the steps to warn the student population about the issue.

"We've met with all the seniors," said Plum said. "We've explained what a prank is and where they're crossing the line. Unfortunately some of these students aren't able to make that distinction."

It has become a school and community-wide effort. Plum says students have walked the parking lot to check, local law enforcement has made rounds to check the lots, and teachers are stepping up.

"We have 83 teachers here and I've asked all of them, they are all volunteering on their planning to patrol the parking lot," Plum said.

Plum isn't necessarily against pranks, but he says students can't cross the line. In fact, there are some he has approved -- understanding students want to leave their mark.

"I believe they put 1,200 balloons in the hallways, they saran wrapped some teachers' desks," said Plum.

"I gave them my rules and parameters and they stayed within them. Balloons, silly string, toilet paper. One of the stipulations -- they clean it up so they did."

Those that are considered vandalism such as keying cars --

"They're going to be prosecuted by us, they'll be prosecuted by the owners' of the vehicle, they'll be suspended, possibly expelled and they definitely will not be permitted to walk in graduation this year."