Preston residents start "Better Roads" petition

PRESTON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - "People are just plain fed up,"

Jeanie Walsh, a Bruceton Mills resident, is taking matters into her own hands to try to get roads in her area fixed.

As an extension of her neighborhood crime watch group, Walsh started a petition called "The Better Roads Project"- something that's already gained over 400 signatures

While the petition was recently started, Walsh herself has been working on the issue for the past eight years- although she says the problems began even before then.

"We've been neglected for I'd say the past 20 years,"

One road in particular Walsh has heard complaints about is Dennis road- a vital route for those traveling from Bruceton to Pennsylvania.

And while governor Jim Justice has made calls to focus on Preston roads, Walsh says the response hasn't been enough.

"Nothing is being done to our roads unless it's a band aid effect," Walsh said "They've ditched they've patched a road here or there,"

Over her eight years of work, Walsh said she's reached out to every official she can- but has been meet with little response.

"The local, the state, and the governor, and so far we've not been too successful,"

Walsh is hoping that by extending her message outside Preston county they will be able to make more of an impact.

"Not only for Preston county but throughout the state," Walsh said "If you have a bad road and are disgusted and fed up, then sign our petition,"

Once they raise enough money, Walsh and her neighborhood group are planning on taking their petitions all the way to the governor's desk

"The department of highways say Charleston is making the decisions, well then we're going to Charleston,"

We reached out to Department of Highway representatives for Preston county but did not get a response.

You can see the petition by following the link to the right of your screen.