Preview of the 2018 Grammy Awards

(CBS) -- Two-time Grammy host James Corden tested out his teleprompter and his jokes at Madison Square Garden. But to hear the punchlines, you'll have to tune in Sunday, for the 60th annual Grammy Awards.

After spending the last 14 years in Los Angeles, this year's show is back in New York.

"There's an energy here that's different here than pretty much any other place, says Executive Producer," Ken Ehrlich.

And following on the black dresses worn at the Golden Globes, many attending this year's Grammy are expected to don white roses.
It's what supporters of the "Me too" and Time's up" movements say they'll be wearing, including singers Halsey, Dua Lipa and Grammy-nominee Rapsody. Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell will be hosting the red carpet event.

"It definitely will make a statement, and I think the Grammys is the place to do it," O'Dell says.

Out in the audience, seats are already assigned. Jay Z, Beyonce and Sting are among those who will have the shortest walk if they win.

Jay-Z has the most nods, with 8 nominations.

77-year-old Neil Diamond will receive the lifetime achievement award.
He just announced his retirement after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid will perform their Grammy-nominated, suicide prevention song.

"1-800 is a song about continuing to persevere even in your darkest of times because your outcome may be one that you cannot see," Logic says.

He says joining them on stage will be real life survivors.