Pregnancy center opens in Parsons municipal building

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TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Hidden on the second floor of the Parsons Municipal Building, the Central West Virginia Center for Pregnancy Care staff open the fourth branch of the organization.

The center provides pregnancy tests and counseling services to expecting and new mothers and fathers.

"In collaboration with Saint George Medical Clinic, they have given us this space," said Barbara Kincaid, the director of the organization.

Toys, clothes and diapers are stocked for parents seeking support.

"We help them as long as possible. They can call us for clothing (...) changing of sizes, of course, we have always got that. Support, if they need support in any way they can call us and we will be glad to help them," said Kathy Kotten, a staff member of CWVCPC of Thomas, WV, the other pregnancy center in Tucker County.

Parents can trade in outgrown clothing at any of the non-profit centers. Expecting parents can also sign up for counseling.

"We also support those that are in need helping them in any way that we can to save their babies," said Kotten.

Pregnancy center counselors take a pro-life approach to support, endorsing adoption and providing post-birth counseling.

"She was telling me she had an abortion when she was young. So she comes here to discourage people not to get them, because she knows what she went through," said Parsons Mayor Dorothy Judy, describing a counselor with the center.

This counseling service sparks controversy. West Virginia Free, a pro-choice organization based out of Charleston, designates CWVCPC's Buckhannon headquarters as a "Fake Clinic."

WV Free COO Julie Warden explains that the designation is a nationally-used term. The designation is given to clinics that only provide the type of care staff agree with. Going on to say many "fake clinics" are not fully transparent with their care.

Sixteen other "fake clinics" are listed by WV Free throughout the state including a Charleston clinic located next to West Virginia's only abortion clinic.

5 News did not ask Warden about CWVCPC's clinic specifically. When asked about medical care, Kincaid said the Parsons center does not provide medical services, only counseling and pregnancy tests.

The City of Parsons leadership, housed a floor below the center, provides support for the CWVCPC.

"Anytime they need help, they know to call us. We will help them. We will do what we can to help them," said Mayor Judy.

The city's support of the center is a reflection of the state-wide push towards pro-life.

Currently, state lawmakers prepare for the fourth reading of the born alive bill and in early January, three congressional representatives, Representatives Alex Mooney, Carol Miller and David McKinley, co-signed an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court asking to reconsider Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.