Monday's protest in Fairmont is small, peaceful

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 10:34 PM EDT
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The rally Monday at the courthouse steps was much different than the ones over the weekend in capacity and circumstance. About 20 people were in attendance, holding signs in peace.

There was not a police presence at Monday's rally, although the organizers say they were met with force over the weekend.

"Not all cops are bad, and we recognize that." says rally organizer Demetrius Mitchell.

"We are not being violent. We are not rioting... We didn't have as many numbers but we still showed our support, and we still show that we want a change,” he adds.

Refreshments were also provided by onlookers, and demonstrators say this is just the beginning of what they call a demand for justice.

“We will be out here everyday, until there is justice, until something changes. Everyone wants to get mad about people saying ‘Black Lives Matter,' saying that is means no one else lives matters. That’s not the case at all," says demonstrator and Fairmont resident Jada Gorbey.

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