Protests at UNC after ruling on Confederate statue

Cropped Photo: Martin J. Kraft / CC BY-SA 3.0

(CBS) -- Hundreds of students refusing to stay silent over 'Silent Sam's' new proposed location. They're protesting the plan to house the Confederate statue in a new secured $5.3 million facility.

"When you allot $5 million to a shrine to the Confederacy States of America instead of giving Latina students a cultural center or investing resources in diversity programs, it is hard to believe that inclusivity is in your heart," said Alex Robinson, president of the Black Student Movement at UNC.

The university's chancellor, Carol Fult, says state law requires them to keep the statue on campus.

"I have a preference to move it off campus but like everyone here, I swore to obey the law and sometimes you don't agree with the law," she said.

The chancellor says the new building would also house other historical artifacts for educational purposes.

On Monday night, students responded to the plan. There was at least one UNC trustee who spoke out against the change.

"We cannot, at least I cannot, ignore what the war was fought over: slavery," said Bill Keyes.

The school spent more than $400,000 on security for Silent Sam last year. It had been standing on UNC's campus more than a century before protesters tore it down in August.