Morgantown man dreaming big with 1,300 pound pumpkin

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Earlier this year, a WVU student planted a seed that was about the size of a grape.

Now that seed has turned into a pumpkin that's the second biggest vegetable to ever be grown in West Virginia. The pumpkin is on display at WVU, but it's the man behind it who has turned it into what it is.

Dustin Trychta had high hopes to set the state record, but came up a bit short.

"Missing the mark is only going to make me work harder to try and do better next year," said Trychta.

He's hoping to unite the community through the pumpkin. After results were recorded this past weekend, Trychta found that his pumpkin, Pebbles, was the second biggest ever to be grown in West Virginia.

"If you don't have a goal to strive for, you're in the wrong hobby," he said. "It's all about weight when it hits the scale. Typically most growers are happy with a personal best. This beat my previous personal best by about 400 pounds."

As a veteran who served in Germany and Iraq for several years, Trychta said his yard in Morgantown serves as a great place for growing these large vegetables.

"As a military man and just a proud man myself, when I compete in anything, I like to compete against the best," Trychta said. "When I got into gardening, I decided to get into giant vegetable gardening."

What's he doing with Pebbles now? He said he's determined to keep on sharing it with the WVU and Greater Morgantown community. He wants people to know more about agriculture, and how it's important to dream big.

"What a lot of people take as a regular every day kind of hobby, I'm trying to make something out of it." he said. "I'm showing people that you can take average ideas and turn them into something spectacular."