Questions remain since River Road was opened after being closed for 500 days

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 4:59 PM EDT
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"I came out of work and it was open. I was like 'yes' I can go home the short way," said Kelly Wilken who works at the Canine Adoption Center off of River Road.

For 500 days, River Road was blocked with a "Road Closed" sign. The sign is now gone, but questions and concerns remain.

"They've opened it up, but they haven't had any traffic on it for 500 days. We're very concerned about it, we hope that they're still going to come up with the funds to fix the road," said Tom Bloom the President of the Monongalia County Commission.

Bloom says the DOH hasn't fixed anything. He says areas of the road are falling away and it's still the case.

"This time we were told that there were 22 possible slips and they were talking about $6 million to fix it."

The Canine Adoption Center on River Road saw a decline in the amount of customers coming in when the road was closed and they thought they'd always have this issue.

"We were originally told it was never going to be open again. For it to open was a great day for me," said Wilken.

What residents want to know is why it was ever closed if crews would open it before the work was done.

"You don't tell us there's serious problems and close it down and then the next day open it up," said Bloom.

Bloom says in the winter dangers loom, but others don't think it's a problem at all.

"When it gets colder and it rains and it freezes, I will not be driving on that road."

5 News: "Any danger when you're driving up and down it?

"Absolutely not. I don't give it a second thought," said Wilken.

The Canine Adoption Center says that even in the short time it's been open they already have more business.

The DOT released this statement:

"When initially looked at, it was determined that a permanent fix would have cost approximately $6 million. The new District Four Manager, Darby Clayton, put a different set of eyes on it and suggested it could be cleaned up and monitored for a period of time for additional movement. We have not seen any additional movement in many months and the decision was made to open the road. WVDOH will continue to monitor it and will act quickly should we learn of any movement. We continue to work on a design/study of what needs to be done for this entire stretch of River Road, both upper and lower."

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