RCB High School basketball team remembers alumnus from Clarksburg murder

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HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Determined and dedicated, those were the words that many used to describe Brantley Langford, 20, a former member of the basketball team at Robert C. Byrd High School.

"He was definitely a free spirit," said Head Coach Bill Bennett. "He wasn't blessed with a lot of talent like some kids were, so he had to work really, really hard."

According to Bennett, that's what Langford did, so he worked with him, from freshman year, all the way to graduation.

"Actually his senior year, we talked about not having him on the team," he said.

However, that didn't stop Langford from shooting hoops, so he decided to stay in the team, work hard, practice extra hours, just to improve his skills.

"He surprised me, one of the biggest surprise I've had, because he handled his role so well," he said.

Langford was found dead Monday night, after investigators from the Harrison County Sheriff's Office said his roommate Mason Lynch, 22, shot him at a home along White Blossom Drive near Clarksburg.

The news hit hard on the basketball court.

"It was a tough day yesterday, for myself, and our coaching staff and our kids, especially the older kids that played with Brantley," he said.

Langford's jersey now hangs in their locker room, and his name will forever be plastered at the locker he once used. But his generosity and free spirit will always be remembered in the program.

"His senior year, he came in one day and with a bag, and said 'Coach, this is for you,'" Bennett told 5 News. "He said 'I want you to have these [pictures] and put them here.'"

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