Rail trail connector construction continues, making it safe for pedestrians and cyclists

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ELKINS, W. Va. (WDTV) - A 24-mile trail is still under construction. But it when it's finished, pedestrians and cyclist will be able to avoid crossing this a busy intersection.

The Elkins Rail Trail will meet with the Allegheny Highlands Trail. And even though most people are looking forward to how this will help the local economy, others are anticipating having a safe route than dealing with high traffic.

"It's even hard to cross as a pedestrian," said Anne Beardslee, executive director for the Elkins Depot Welcome Center.

She says she rides her bike on the trail, and having a bridge cross U.S. 219 is something she says they need.

"It's such a busy location, there's about four different highways that meet in that area or route numbers," she said.

Beardslee also says some people don't want to ride downtown in order to avoid the chaos.

"It's very difficult to cross that path," she said.

The large trail will also lead to other trails within the city, which has routes to nearby parks and schools. Beardslee says most people would rather walk than use a car. So this will help kids get to school safely as well.

"That was the whole purposed of doing this, is to connect everything," she said.

And most importantly, use this as a way of healthy living from point A to Point B.

"The signs will tell them where to go, they'll be sharing road information with them," she said.