Rain causes major flooding in Mannington and Morgantown

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"They're pretty bad, I mean there's only one way out of town and that's High Street" says Mannington resident Lynn Williams.

Today's rain caused main roads in Mannington to flood, and that means, no traffic was able to get through.

"I think it's been pretty bad. Water Street's been flooded, the park looks pretty bad from what I've seen and I don't think it's going to get as bad as it was in July, hopefully not though" says Mannington resident Kealey Payton.

These flooded roads remind Mannington residents of the treacherous floods they had back in July. Mannington Fire Chief says that road closure signs and alternate routes are something that people are familiar with.

"We've got a couple different locations that are shut clear off due to high waters. They do have alternate routes and like I said, most people know their alternate routes around here, so they use those" says Fire Chief for the Mannington Fire Department Jim Moran.

On Water Street, the stream has basically come in and taken over the road. The road has been shut down due to high water because it's not safe for drivers to pass through.

"It's been a lot worse than this. Since they've widened the creek and made it wider and deeper, it doesn't flood as bad" says Mannington resident Bob Robinson.

Residents say that they're used to seeing these roads flooded, but that doesn't mean it makes it any easier on them.

"I live right beside the river and usually ever time it rains, we have to worry about getting flooded out" says Williams.

Morgantown had it's fair share of flooding as well. The Subterranean Bridge looks more like a stream.

"I saw this and said, 'I got to go over and take some pictures of this,' I haven't seen it that bad in awhile" says Morgantown resident Jeremy Getz.

The Subterranean Bridge acts as a cut through, but when it's flooded out, drivers have to travel further just to get around it.

"It blocks off roads and access to get over there. Without that way you have to go almost two miles down the road to get around it" says Getz.